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Walston Moore at the Pernath Academy in Burlen.

Walston Moore is the Director of Vell Studies at the Pernath Academy in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 4. 


Walston Moore became Pernath Academy's Director of Vell Studies after "old Burns" passed away. He is an elderly white-haired man, curt with strangers but willing to explain his line of work in great detail.

Moore prefers the Vell concept of science to the current magical advances on Ramar, noting that magic is "a fluke," unpredictable and inexact and only usable by the relatively few people who can channel its forces as mages, while science is quantifiable and can be learned by anyone. He claims that the Vell were more advanced than Antara's civilization, despite their lack of magic, and explains a polymer-producing Vell artifact in chemistry terms.

While showing off examples of the three Vell languages, Moore remarks that archaeologists dream of finding the missing key to their language of science.


Moore occupies a private office on the second floor of Pernath Academy. It is so cluttered that Aren Cordelaine mistakes it for a museum. Notable items in the office are a working Vell artifact and several slabs bearing examples of the race's three languages.

If the party visits Pernath Academy in Chapter 7, the staircase to Moore's office is closed, with a sign reading "On Sabbatical."


  • Although the party learns later that materials in all three Vell languages were found in a sealed chamber in the Aliero Mines and discover a letter by a Pernath scholar who wrote to "old Burns" about the find, Moore does not mention this uncatalogued trove of Vell artifacts, and the note cannot be given to him.