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The Vell are a long-dead civilization which used to occupy Ramar in Betrayal in Antara. They are mentioned in the game, but do not appear.

History and Technology[]

A technologically advanced civilization whose height came before the agrarian society on Ramar, the Vell disappeared long ago for reasons unknown. Existing in a time before magic was accessible to the people of Ramar, they were more advanced than Antara's peoples and used technology to meet all their needs. A preserved Vell machine, which still works, can synthesize polymer and spray it on objects, making them ultra-durable.


The Vell left texts in three different languages. Antaran historians can translate most of their common language and a little of their poetics, but only fragments of the third language -- that of science -- have been preserved. The chamber in the Aliero Mines was reported to hold carvings in all three languages, possibly the key to unlocking the scientific language, but nothing of the discoveries seem to have reached the Academy.

Vell Studies[]

Pernath Academy at Burlen has a Vell Studies Department devoted to analyzing Vell artifacts.

A sealed chamber found by miners in the Aliero Mines several years ago  reportedly contained a treasure trove of Vell artifacts. An expedition from Pernath Academy was sent to investigate, but the opening of the chamber had released a disease later known as the Feeblepox into the population. The Academy expedition shut down, sealed the chamber, and departed within a week, leaving no information on their findings as much of the Empire fell prey to the swiftly spreading plague.