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Varnesse is a Ticoran town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited in Chapters 2, 4, and 6.


Varnesse is on the road south of the Imperial bridges to Antara and Korus Landing. Eastward, the road forks further east to Ticoro or south to Melay.


Inn: Covered Bridge Inn[]

  • Amenities: Rations, Roast Chicken, Wine, gambling. Rooms are available for 7 burlas per night.

Shop: The Armory[]

  • First place to obtain Rapiers in the game.
  • Sells: Chain Mail; Leather Armor; Quarter Staff; Small Shield; Long Sword; Rapier; Short Sword; Armorer's Hammer.
  • Buys: all Armor, Swords, and Shields.
  • Free: +8 Rope on the floor.


  • The smith of Smith's Forgery.

    An injured botanist.

    Joel and Honey, a couple just returned from their second honeymoon in Isten, recommends the inn's terrific breakfast, the good shopping, and Academy of Broken Hearts at the amphitheater, starring Madame Maria Liana. Honey, a big fan, makes much of Liana's other roles.
  • A pale woman at the Mason's Guild worries that her husband Jaimie has been killed working on the bridge. The local council has not responded to the masons' complaints about not receving their pay for the bridge work, and the workers have been talking about levying their own toll out of frustration. If the party visits the guildmaster in Ticoro in Chapter 3, they can move things along.
  • The conservatory is locked until after the Spring Festival. In Chapter 4, its keeper, Naomi, sends the party on a quest to Elona, agreeing to teach them some magic afterwards.
  • In Chapter 4, Smith's Forgery is open (the spelling is intentional). The smith can increase the party's Repair stat by +12 for 80 burlas.
  • In Chapter 4, a botanist with a broken leg explains that she was accidentally pushed out of the road by some marching Imperial soldiers and can't go back out with the injury to replant her nudberry seedlings. Aren offers to help. The party can find the planting sites, three small holes in the ground, north of the road leading east out of Varnesse. If they return to the botanist, she gives them a +5 Dervish Disk she found buried at one of her planting sites.

    Nudberry planting sites east of Varnesse

  • An Empty House holds 2 Senwater, an Armorer's Hammer, 4 Bread, and 28 burlas.


  • The Imperial bridge north of Varnesse, as the party learns if they visit it, was destroyed by a trader's son who came into his magic suddenly, causing the water to go wild and save him when a horse pitched him into the river.
  • The party cannot go north of the first Imperial bridge in Chapter 2.
  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, including finding phosphorus in Varnesse.
  • In Chapter 4, a bug causes an empty dialog box when clicking on the pale woman's house for an update on the mason's strike.