Betrayal Wiki

Currently adding Betrayal in Antara information. Phases described below are rough road maps and progress on each item may occur out of order. Suggestions on my Talk page are welcome.

Phase 1: Mapping Antara[]

  • Goal: a detailed descriptive page and keyed overhead map for every city/town in Antara.
  • Complete: provinces of Chuno, Ghan, and Januli.
  • In progress: provinces of Pianda, Ticor, Antara.
  • Goal: spiff up province pages, including non-detailed province maps.
  • Goal: rename the Antaran Province page, fix links throughout, and standardize headings for all city/town pages.
  • Goal: replace the Antaran Empire map with one that doesn't have an enormous white space.
  • Goal: map the west and central forests of Ticor.

Phase 2: Describing Buildings and Item Categories[]

  • Goal: sort every item in the game into the categories by which they're sold (or not sold) in the Shops, and create pages (with pictures) for each category.
  • Created: Armor, Swords, Shields, Jewels, Tools, Potions, Quest Items.
  • Goal: identify categories of difficult-to-classify items such as Healing Powder and Nudberries.
  • Goal: categorize instances of secondary inventory (Shops, Empty Houses, Lighthouse, etc), differentiating between Taverns and Inns.

Phase 3: NPCs and Intro/Epilogues[]

  • Goal: add any missing information from intros/epilogues, including pictures.
  • Goal: add any missing NPCs.

Phase 4: Lists of items not located in cities/towns[]

  • Goal: complete list of types, locations, and contents for Chests and Buried Mounds, sorted by province.
  • Goal: complete list of fishing holes (rivers, not seas).
  • Goal: complete lists of minor-character or mentioned-character names.
  • Goal: complete list of Antaran flora and fauna mentioned by name in the dialogue or descriptions.

Phase 5: Credits[]

  • Goal: add voice credits for the game's PCs and NPCs.
  • Consider adding pages for actors and game-creators, especially if they worked on other Sierra games.

Phase 6: Stub/Link/Category Patrol[]

  • Goal: expand or remove all Antara-related stub pages.
  • Goal: fix or remove dead links.
  • Goal: standardize page names and links throughout the wiki.
  • Goal: replace all instances of "Betrayal at Antara" or "BAA" with "Betrayal in Antara" or "BIA", including category instances such as "Characters (BAA)". Betrayal in Antara is the correct title appearing in the game intro and on the Guidebook.
  • Goal: make sure every Antara page is fully and properly categorized.