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Tyre Cordelaine is the father of Aren Cordelaine in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapters 1, 2, and 6.

Description and Personality[]

Cordelaine is a middle-aged, clean-shaven man wearing practical working clothes, including a dark shirt and brown vest. His short brown hair is slightly curly. He is absent-minded and genial, and avoids confrontations.


Cordelaine is the innkeeper of The Spitting Lion in Briala. His wife cooks at the inn, and his son Aren was a steward and stablehand before discovering his latent magic. He has a younger son as well.

On hearing Aren's story of an attacking flying beast, he assumes first that it was a TrKaa and then then laughs at the idea of Aren killing the beast with magic, telling him to polish up the tale as an attention-getter at the inn. He is astonished when William Escobar confirms the story, and objects to Aren's being carted off to learn magic from a real mage, first protesting that he relies on Aren to keep the books and perform other administrative tasks for the Inn and then asking him to at least wait till his mother is home so she can bid him goodbye. Finally convinced that Aren must learn real magic before he hurts himself or someone else, Cordelaine wishes Aren well and greets him as "the wizard of Briala" in subsequent conversations.

In later chapters, Cordelaine recounts that his younger son broke into the wine cellar again at the instigation of Briala local Bo Derkins, and that he has been avoiding his wife so as not to be included in the drama.