Tyr-Sog is a town in Midkemia just south of the Inclindel pass. It is located at a crossroad, and to the east a road passes between the High Wold and the Teeth of the World, pas the Thunderhell Steppes.



Beyond a hillside there is a graveyard by the banks of the waterfall. The tombstones commemorate some former residents of Tyr-Sog; a couple of graves hide some items.

  • Pul Dudding: No one knew when he came or when he went (a cache of Weedwalkers)
  • Iruna: In the wilds was the Hadati woman
  • Ceilia deBuellen: Water took her to the deeps (no body)
  • David Bouli: Buried without a word
  • Aglus Soggin: Another helping put him six feet under (food rations)
  • Baby Irisa: A week she cried before she slept (a shade attacks)
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