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The Tsurani are a race of humans from Kelewan. Their Tsuranuanni Empire is ruled by the Emperor Ichindar; society is composed of houses, like House Acoma. Rogue warriors unaffiliated with any house are called Grey warriors.

Tsurani weapons are made of wood and ivory and other exotic materials found only on Kelewan. They have a different tradition of magic. Their magicians are called Great Ones and form the Assembly of Magicians.

Years ago they arrived to Midkemia through the technology of Rift Gates. They invaded the Kingdom of the Isles during the Riftwar. Tsurani soldiers used light laminated blades.

After the end of the war, there has been trade and exchange between the two worlds and two cultures, and there are Tsurani inhabitants in the Kingdom. The Academy of Magic makes use of Tsurani magic.

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