Truesight Tea is an herbal brew sold in the Kingdom of the Isles. It increases the drinker's Crossbow accuracy in Betrayal at Krondor.


Truesight Tea is a darkish grey-black liquid sold in clear vials. Brewed by elves of Elvandar from roots unique to that land, it has a strong herbal aroma and a taste reminiscent of minty bar concoctions intended to warm patrons in cold weather. It is valued by archers for its brief ability to enhance sharpness and clarity of vision, but also sold at high prices as a condiment.


  • Stackable up to 12; each vial takes up one inventory space.
  • One dose of Truesight Tea gives the drinker +25 Accy: Crossbow for the duration of one battle.
  • Since its benefits apply to archers, only Locklear, James, and Gorath can use it.
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