Trerangs are simian mammals dwelling in deciduous forests in Betrayal in Antara. They are first encountered in Chapter 2.


Trerangs are blue-furred bipeds about two feet tall, with broad torsos, narrow waists, long arms, and short legs. Gray skin is visible on the soles of their feet, which have three individuated toes and an opposable big toe. They make hooting calls while ambulating, and grunt when attacking or when struck.

Habitat and DomesticationEdit

Trerangs prefer warm deciduous forests and are seen in the provinces of Ticor and Januli.

In one recorded instance, a resident of Breland rescued and raised an injured baby trerang which had fallen from a tree, naming it Mouk and claiming that its wild brethren would have torn it to pieces if it were released back into the forest. However, the trerang eventually reverted to wild behavior.

In BattleEdit

Trerangs travel in groups of three to five. They are not tool-users, but attack by striking with their long arms. Their Defense is high, and they are more vulnerable to repeated thrusting strikes than to stronger but less accurate techniques.


  • Defeated Trerangs can be searched, but never carry items.
  • The colloquialism "trerang business" has a similar connotation to the more familiar phrase "monkey business."
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