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Torrence Pasege in Ticoro.

Torrence Pasege is a former apprentice locksmith who lives in Ticoro in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 3.


Torrence Pasege pledged himself as apprentice to Master Coulaine, a local locksmith, and quickly became skilled at his trade, although his master held him back from an overdue promotion to journeyman. When he caught Coulaine taking credit for his apprentice's work, Torrence confronted him and was thrown out. Due to Coulaine's position in the Guild, Torrence was unable to bring a grievance against him, ruining his chances of taking up the trade under another master.

By way of revenge, Torrence began to pick locks made and installed by Coulaine on doors in the southeast quarter of Ticoro. Coulaine had claimed his locks were unpickable, and Torrence, leaving the locks picked open but taking nothing from the buildings he targeted, hoped to hit his former master where it counted: in the pocket.

If the party agrees to search for the culprit picking Coulain's locks, they can find Torrence in the southeast corner of the city. Torrence explains that in Ticoro, a master is bound to teach and care for an apprentice as long as the apprentice performs their duties, but that Coulaine's behavior left him with no chance at a trade and unable to afford starting over in another city, even though his master had been the one at fault. When asked if he would let Coulaine take him back, he scoffs that he'd sooner expect a TrKaa to swim, but that he'd have no choice but to accept, although he insists that he'll only return as a journeyman.

After speaking with Coulaine again, the party can return to Torrence with the news that he's been accepted back, and that Coulaine is more concerned about his potentially teaching trade secrets to other locksmiths than Torrence had thought. Aren Cordelaine advises Torrence to muse aloud about such a plan if he finds Coulaine is still a bad master.

The party can then ask Torrence for lockpicking tips, gaining +10 on their Lockpick skills in exchange for 50 burlas.

When the party bids Torrence farewell, Aren wishes him goodbye and "good lock," and he answers, "Like I haven't heard that one before."


  • Torrence Pasege's name is a reference to another Sierra On-Line game, Torin's Passage.