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Ticor is a province in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara.

History and Geography[]

Ticor comprises the southwestern area of the Empire, including the cities of Waterfork, Cardone, Levosche, Ormede, Ravenne, Melay, Varnesse, and Ticoro. Religious centers include a Temple of Senaedrin, a Temple of Kor southwest of Levosche, and a Temple of Henne in Ticoro; a new Temple of Henne is under construction in Ravenne. The entrance to the Shepherd Headquarters is north of Ticoro, at the north end of a lake known as Senaedrin's Head.

Recently, the Shepherds have been recruiting young men and women from the area, mainly idealistic, energetic people willing to be led. Standardized curricula demonizing the Grrrlf, such as one taught in Ormede, deepen the xenophobic effect. Some Ticorans are worried about relatives who have gone to serve in the war with the Mehrat; others believe, against all geographical evidence, that Mehrat will align with Chail, bypass the Imperial fleet at Ormede, and storm inland to attack Ticor. Recent reports of Mehrat sabotage have led to the blocking of an Imperial bridge from Pianda to Ticor.


The seat of Ticoran politics is in the city of Ticoro. Lord Caverton is the province's governor. While the governorship has been in Caverton's family for generations, the kidnapping of the Imperial Consort from Ticoro seriously embarrasses him before the Shira and leads the Emperor to consider revoking his governorship bestowing it on a different House, a procedure which hasn't happened to any governorship in decades.


Since pirate activity and the shipping strike has affected the eastern coast of Antara, price adjustments by Caverton have been luring the salt trade away from Januli, where Lord Sheffield owns the mine deposits and contracts, to Ticor.


Wild animals in Ticor include Trerangs, Crabs, and Masliths.


  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, finding minerals such as talc in Ticor, obsidian in Cardone, and phosphorus in Varnesse.
  • During the Liar's Festival in Choth, Beatrice "the Thief" tells a story about a trip to Ticor to steal an ancient, priceless coin from a Jaeger.