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Located under the old keep at Sarth are large vaulted chambers with shelving along the walls and free-standing shelves in the center of the rooms. All shelves are packed with books. From the top of the hill to the lowest level there are over a thousand chambers housing thousands upon thousands of books. The vaults are tended by Brother Anthony and Brother Marc.



Theological texts include information on Ishap, Dala, and Kahooli. There are hundreds of volumes on Ishap alone.


  • A book largely concerning tactics against ballistics or magic advises choosing one's battlefield, gaining the element of surprise, and closing range with opponents to deny them the ability to load weapons.
  • A basic soldier's text advises knowing the natural weaknesses of one's enemy, detailing that trolls are vulnerable to magic but resist physical harm, magicians tend to be poor hand-to-hand fighters, and wyverns, though never used for battle in the author's knowledge, are vulnerable to blades treated with an Althafain's Icer.
  • A magician's text, though muddled in terms of tactics, notes the effectiveness of the Invitation spell in dragging enemies into traps, a tactic first used by Althafain against a band of Dark Brothers in the battle of Carse against the goblins.



Sarth's most extensive collection features healer's journals.

  • A field manual on healing, written within Sarth, lists steps to be taken for those injured near to death: the patient should be bedded down at an Inn for three nights, while being administered an herbal treatment and four dosages of restoratives.
  • A book of home remedies concurs that sleeping indoors in an inn provides beneficial effects for the sick.
  • A volume on herblore points out the benefits of restoratives for near-fatal injuries.
  • A journal by a healer traveling with a large Bordon military company explains that herbal packs offer great beneficial effects over an extended number of days, but restoratives offer more immediate healing effects to get a patient out of danger.
  • A volume on poisons remarks on the use of Silverthorn in the attack on Princess Anita conDoin ten years ago, the creation of an anti-venom by Father Nathan of Krondor, its potential as a treatment for armor to neutralize Silverthorn-treated blades, and the lesser strength of modern Silverthorn strains as compared to that grown in the Northlands.