The Garrison is a military outpost located in LaMut. It is featured in Betrayal at Krondor and its novelization, Krondor: The Betrayal.


Built years ago to protect the Kingdom's western border from potential moredhel assault, the Garrison overlooks LaMut from the top of a rocky hill. A snaking road leads from the town the fortress's gate, which is guarded by sentries and boasts a massive iron portcullis.

The Garrison is manned by both Kingdom soldiers and Kelewanese who come through the rift. Captain Belford serves there under the command of Earl Kasumi.


Chapter 1

Captain Belford welcomes the party and explains that his troops are searching for a group of grey warriors who absconded with a stolen ruby belonging to the Tsurani magician Makala. If the party returns with one, Belford, grateful that his soldiers no longer have to search for it, gives them 100 gold sovereigns as a reward.

Chapter 2

Due to hostile moredhel activity in the region, the party is warned that LaMutian soldiers are patrolling the surrounding roads and that no one is allowed to travel there after dark on pain of death.

Krondor: The Betrayal

The Garrison appears in Chapter Two of Krondor: The Betrayal. It is described as a castle, and the party meets with Captain Belford in its guardroom.

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