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The Farmer Girl is a tavern song sung throughout the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It consists of six verses, two of which can be heard in each of three inns in the game.

Where to hear it

  • Verses 1 and 2: The Black Sheep in Sortega
  • 3 and 4: The Stag's Rack in Cardone
  • 5 and 6: The Bunkhouse in Everton


Oh, the farmer girl has a crooked smile
And patches and stains on her blouse
And a braid that hangs all the way to her arse
and she lives in a tumbledown house.

But the farmer girl has a smile in her eye
As she waits for me in the cart
And of all the women I've known and loved
She's the one who stole my heart.

Oh, the tavern-maid has a jaunty walk
And a promise in her wink
And she squeals when pinched and laughs when she's teased
And she always brings a drink.

But the farmer girl doesn't just promise
When she winks, you know it's a fact
And of all the women that I have pinched
She's the one who pinched me back.

Oh, the Jaeger's daughter's a beauty, true
And her skin's as white as milk
And her hair is woven all through with gold
And her gowns are made from silk.

But the farmer girl is a simple soul
And a true and honest maid
And of all the women I've taken home
She's the only one who stayed.

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