The Temple of Tith is a temple in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


The temple is located on a path off the road northwest of Wolfram. Its interior is a torchlit chamber resembling a banquet hall, decorated with hundreds of shields and war banners and featuring a large tactical table with bone soldiers representing forces deployed near Kesh. The Father Patriarch is a menacing figure with a grey streaked beard and broader shoulders than Gorath.

Behind the temple, Restoratives can be harvested from each of three shrubs.


While rearranging soldiers on the war table, the Father Patriarch explains that messengers bring him daily reports on the rebellion near the Confederacy south of Kesh, which he believes Empress Lakeisha's superior forces will soon crush. However, he has no news of the moredhel plan in the North, since all the messengers he has sent that way have been killed. Interrupted by a priest, he bids the party good day, regretting that he has no Redweed Brew to offer them.


The Father Patriarch describes Tith as a "war god." Psalms of Dala describes Dala's frequent clashes with Tith, whose name is given as Tith Onanka.


  • Redweed Brew, referred to by mercenaries as Tith's Piss, is gathered from the rusty drainpipes of the Temple.
  • Weapons shops are frequently described as resembling temples to war like the Temple of Tith.
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