A lonely temple situated between Tyr-Sog and Loriel.

The meditation chamber is spartan and cold with a holy censer where burns a cold flame. An example of Tsurani magic, passed on by the new Academy of Magic at Stardock, is a mandala pattern that facilitates teleportation.

The rear section was as dramatic; a lush central courtyard with a large pool in the center, surrounded by an alabaster peristyle with climbing vines. Arches, doorways, cloistered off the open area and blocked by thick curtains or obscured by clouds of incense. Through a series of arches there is a large chamber on whose floor is a mosaic of a 7-rayed star formed by dark blue tiles.

The high priest was small with a hideous visage, the left side of his face covered by a dark brown cloth, through which a pinkish eye sees. He has interesting information about an oracle, an statue in the hills to the east of Malac's Cross.

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