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The Temple of Eortis is a temple in Betrayal at Krondor. Located on Temple Isle, also known as the Isle of Eortis, it can first be visited in Chapter 1.


Temple Isle, a desolate island whose stony cliffs teem with terns and plovers, is located across a narrow channel off the mainland and can only be visited by ship from the port of Silden. It is one of the only temples which cannot be reached by a teleport mandala.


The temple's origins are shrouded in myth. It was constructed eons ago, when Silden was only a simple fishing village. After Eortis's disappearance and the assumption of his duties by Killian, the temple retains a mere shadow of his power. It is occupied and maintained by a splinter faction of the Temple of Killian, the Order of Eortis and its high priestess Beyla, who seek to restore Eortis with their prayers.


An ancient but imposing edifice, the temple's white marble columns rise thirty feet high. Majestically posed dolphin heads decorate the heavily ornamented roof.

The temple has a lavish meditation chamber with the usual cold flame burning at the center, but its teleport mandala is blank and cannot be used. Further in is an equally dramatic courtyard, a lush space with a large pool, enclosed by an alabaster peristyle covered in vines. Arches cloistered off the courtyard are either covered by heavily woven curtains or choked with opaque clouds of incense.


Mysterious as the terns and plovers who made their homes in the stony cliffs of the island, the Temple of Eortis' origins were clouded in myth. Inhabited by a splinter faction of the Temple of Killian, the priestesses who took up residence on the desolate isle believed their prayers would one day summon the ancient sea god from oblivion.