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The Temple of Dala is a temple in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.

It is located between Tyr-Sog and Eldpoint.

To the west is a house and a barn; inside is a sleeping farmer, drunken with Keshian Ale. East and west there are moredhel ambushes (at least in Chapter 1).


The Temple has a glade-like sanctum with rippling water running through it. It is attended by the Brotherhood of the Shield of Dala, under Risa, the Priestess of Dala. Vabon, a burly priest, assists in the temple.

A small room, with a paper triptych near the rear wall to hide the sick, is where Risa tends them.


A book in The Vaults lists a registry of regular attendees.

The Temple of Dala is known for its works of charity and aid to the poor. A special proclamation made in the second year of the reign of King Lyam I blesses the daughters of Flendel Halfgate, who "provided much needed leather goods, grain, and entertainment for the woefully poor in their hour of need." However thieves take advantage of the generosity of the priests, to the expense of the poor, and the Temple's stores are almost depleted.


Chapter 1-2[]

Risa asks the party to bring her a Bag of Grain, which they can obtain from Sara Halfgate in Chapter 2, to feed the poor. If they do so, they can pick one party member to receive Dala's lifelong blessing, an increase in Defense. If they return afterwards, Risa is away and cannot see them.