The Temple of Dala is a temple in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


The Temple is located between Tyr-Sog and Eldpoint, and has a glade-like sanctum with rippling water running through it. Risa is the Priestess of Dala, and her order is the Brotherhood of the Shield of Dala. Vabon, a burly priest, assists in the temple.

A liturgy of psalms appears in Psalms of Dala, which provides prayers to be said when waking, when going to sleep, before eating, upon entering inns, and to request Dala's favor in self-defense when entering battle. 


Risa asks the party to bring her a Bag of Grain, which they can obtain from Sara Halfgate in Chapter 2, to feed the poor. If they do so, they can pick one party member to receive Dala's lifelong blessing, an increase in Defense. If they return afterwards, Risa is away and cannot see them.


Risa refers to Dala as the Shield of the Weak and Watcher at Hearth and Threshold. A book in The Vaults calls Dala the Protector Goddess and lists a registry of regular attendees at the temple. A special proclamation made in the reign of King Lyam I blesses the daughters of Flendel Halfgate, Thea, Andrea, Gena, Sara, Kira, and Larissa, who "provided much needed leather goods, grain, and entertainment for the woefully poor in their hour of need."

Psalms of Dala details Dala's frequent clashes with Tith.


Priests of Dala bless the springwater that is sold as Dalatail Milk at fairs and trading meets.

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