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The Temple of Banath is a temple devoted to Banath in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.

The Temple is located at a corner of a river, between Cavall Keep and Prank's Stone.

Chapter 1[]

Acolytes guarding the temple try to insist that Banath finds metals "base and offensive" and that petitioners must strip themselves of all metal objects before entering lest they be struck dead. However, the party denies this demand and insists on passing through as representatives of Prince Arutha.

The hour sounds with brass bells as the party comes. The Lector, a greying man with rounded features, greets and pats them on the back as they pass to his study. Locklear relates most of their journey, asking about any insights about their journey that Banath might provide. The Lector says that at present their difficulties were brought on by themselves, or beyond the reach of his help.