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Squire Phillip is a young squire in Betrayal at Krondor. A friend of Owyn Beleforte, he first appears in Chapter 1.


In his travels, Phillip wandered among the abandoned houses south of Loriel. He found a locked chest near Yabon but was unable to open it, and the mystery of its contents plagued him continuously afterward.

A month later, Phillip met Owyn Beleforte at a party in Yabon. Although the Duchess introduced him to all her daughters, making him late in leaving for LaMut, his mind was still occupied by the locked chest he had found earlier.

Chapter 1[]

Traveling with a pack of scrolls on his back, Phillip encounters Owyn, Locklear, and Gorath south of the Yabon. Despite Locklear's desire to remain unnoticed, Owyn and Phillip gossip about the party where they had first met. Phillip remarks that Amelia is the prettiest of the Duchess's daughters and that Katherine has taken a liking to Owyn, who retorts that Katherine is "as fickle as her mother", liking everyone, and would probably marry a conDoin if she could find one who was single. Knowing that Owyn had planned to travel to Tiburn, Phillip asks why the party is going south instead, and Owyn introduces Locklear as his uncle and "Thorgath" as an elf on their way to Hawk's Hollow. Ruefully, Phillip confirms that he is still obsessed with locked chest which has been on his mind for so long.

Despite his late start from Yabon, Phillip can be found on the same section of road for the remainder of the chapter.

Nearest Town
Phillip directs the party to LaMut, mentioning the Tsurani food at the Blue Wheel Inn as spicy but good.
Phillip recommends either the Blue Wheel or the Dusty Dwarf Inn at Hawk's Hollow. He also mentions the abandoned houses in the area, worrying about their stability and the possible effects of a plague south of Loriel on the original inhabitants.
Empty Houses
Phillip mentions the possibility of rations, spare change, and other lost items, ruefully remarking that the majority of the houses he visited had unpickable Webber locks and could not be accessed.
Lost Items
Phillip advises against worrying about any items Owyn might have lost, since they would "probably" still be where they were misplaced.
Hands (after visiting Hawk's Hollow)
After a mysterious man tells them to listen carefully a man bearing scrolls and a sign on his hand, Owyn asks Phillip to check his hands, but finds them to be clear.

Chapter 2[]

The party encounters Phillip close by the Temple of Dala. Phillip ruefully reports that he returned to the locked chest he'd discussed with them and managed to open it, but found it empty.

Phillip considers Highcastle a typical border town and is not impressed with it, though remarking that Prince Arutha contributed to some new fortifications there. However, he does like the armory, recalling that it contained some of the prettiest swords he'd ever seen.
After scoffing about why Owyn might want a bag of grain ("Please don't tell me you're developing a taste for pottage....") Phillip recommends trying to negotiate a trade with someone he has done business with before on his father's behalf, Hailey Betencourt south of Highcastle Cross.


  • Phillip's remark about lost items is reflected in the behavior of Inventory items, which can be dropped and left in a Sack where they fall, and probably -- though not certainly, since a Sack is not a secure hiding place -- remain there to be retrieved later.