The Spring Festival is a festival celebrated in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. Chapter 3 takes place during the Festival.


The Festival celebrates the rebirth of Senaedrin and occurs at the beginning of the spring, in the first Month of Senaedrin. It is celebrated with feasts, performances, and gatherings throughout the Antaran provinces.

In the province of Ticor, the Festival is a major event in Ticoro, occupying the entire city, extending outside the walls, and making it nearly impossible to get a room at an Inn. Music, vendors, and other amenities throng the streets; joymen have particular pull at Festival times. Ticoro's Festival has a headquarters where messages can be left, allowing communication between revelers despite the chaos. Though the Imperial Guard are alert during this period of high activity, the streets are still dangerous, with Bandits, Mercenaries, and Shepherds roving for targets.

While the Festival celebrates Senaedrin, there is also a Feast of Kor and a dueling tournament in which the Brothers participate. As part of a cultural outreach effort, a Grrrlf troop performed the Karrruf at the Festival, its audience limited to high-ranking officials and those to whom they owed favors. Naomi was in attendance and Raal performed the part of the "Ear."


  • A joyman from Ligano composed a song for the Festival and performs it there.
  • The Imperial Consort was kidnapped from Ticoro during the Spring Festival.
  • The Festival celebrations in Pianda are not as lavish as those in Ticor.
  • The Choth Liar's Festival occurs every year shortly after the Spring Festival.
  • Antara also has a Harvest Festival. If it follows the pattern of the Spring Festival, it occurs at the start of the Months of Henne.
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