Silverthorn is a poison in Betrayal at Krondor. It can be used to poison wells, Rations, or blades.


Silverthorn is a shrub featuring red berries and silvery, poisonous thorns.


Ten years ago, following the ascension of Arutha conDoin to the Princedom in the Kingdom of the Isles, Silverthorn poison was used to wound Princess Anita conDoin. Father Nathan of Krondor created a new anti-venom to be taken internally, saving her life.

Though Silverthorn is now harvested prolifically on the shores of Moraelin and in the Northlands, the new strains are less harmful, posing the possibility that its lethality comes from soil nutrients near the Black Lake.

Father Nathan's anti-venom was later made into a treatment for armor which neutralizes Silverthorn-treated blades and can be taken internally to cure a poisoned wound or poured into a tainted well to make it healthy again.


  • Raw Silverthorn is not lethal in the books, requiring a difficult arcane ritual to distill the poison. The toxin is described as long-acting, causing a deep sleep that eventually leads to death.
  • The poisoning of Anita conDoin and the search for a cure are detailed in the novel Silverthorn.
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