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Silden is a town in the Kingdom of the Isles in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


Silden was once only a simple fishing village. The Temple of Eortis was later built on an island nearby, bringing petitioners to its port.

Abuk says that the city is ruled by the Crawler, and convenes a secret session of his assistants, when passers by are usually killed.

The Guild of the River pullers was pushed out of Silden by the splinter Guild of the Romney. The Riverpullers tried to recoup their losses by raising fees in Romney.


Soaked for ages in the rank perfume of fish scales and sea salt, the wharves of Silden seemed more likely a home for a race of fish men than the leather skinned sailors who trod its wooden planked docks. Traditionally the home of the less reputable, it was known for its shady transactions with the slavers of Greater Kesh.


  • Shop: Hakha's Cajunlo
  • Inn: Anchorhead Tavern
  • A door with a plated brass lock; not accessible in Chapter 1 because sailors are nearby.
  • The dock of the Mist Demon; for 30 sovereigns it sails for the Isle of Eortis.