Shoral is a Midkemian sorcerer in Betrayal at Krondor. He can be visited as early as Chapter 1.


Shoral is a shifty-looking, icy-voiced sorcerer who lives at the end of a path in Kenting Rush. He has a reputation for tricking travelers out of their money by challenging them with three questions, the first two simple and the last unguessable.

If the party visits him, he offers his Lightning Staff as an award for guessing all three answers, warning that he will "extract payment in gold" if one question is missed. If the player answers the first two questions correctly, the party manipulates the last question to trick Shorel out of his staff and quickly depart.


  • Our great and mighty Pug claims to know magic of the greater path, and magic of the lesser path. Is this truly possible?
  • Dragon Lords once ruled the planet. One of these Valheru, Draken Korin, called himself 'Lord of the Eagles.' Do I tell the truth of this?
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