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The Shira, or Grand Council, is a governmental body in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara.


Overseen by the Jaegers, the Shira is a governing body "comprised of representatives from every guild, province, and House," manages public spending, legislation, and dispute resolution between provinces, guilds, or Houses. Members serve a set term: three months for guild members, six months for prominent Houses, and twelve months for provincial representatives. It is widely regarded as riddled with corruption.


A man in Imazi is attempting to get his son a job as a page for the Shira. When his bribery fails, William Escobar remarks that the boy might be better off in a different trade.

After the kidnapping of the Imperial Consort from Ticoro, the Shira considered moving against Lord Caverton, Ticor's governor.

An Isten mage with the power to influence minds claims to be "usually busy dawn to dusk when the Shira is in session."

Lord Stafford of Isten plans to anonymously publish a harrowing expose on the Shira, if he can find someone to print it.

A provincial representative from Torlith who has contracted the poisoning of Lord Stafford is on his way to Antara for the next Grand Council session. A mage in Keth, the contracted killer, claims to have done this type of work for many officials in the Shira.


  • The political role of the Shira is described in Antaran Political Structure, a treatise written by Pernath Academy staff.
  • A children's song in Ravenne includes the line "...a bribe for the Shiran."
  • An old Jaeger in Beluckre deplores the condition of the Shira, saying it wasn't this bad in his day.
  • "SHIRA" is the solution to a lever chest found between Camille and Durst: "Corrupt assemblage, spending our money, providing no benefit."