Shields are protective items in Betrayal in Antara.


Shields are equippable devices which reduce the damage a character takes in battle. Only sword-wielding characters can bear Shields; of the four playable characters in the game, Kaelyn Usher and William Escobar are able to bear shields.

Shields are not repairable. They can be enhanced with Hardening Fluid to reduce damage for the duration of one battle and with Attractors to reduce the accuracy of enemy arrows.

List of ShieldsEdit

Wooden ShieldEdit

  • Protection: 10%; Hardness: 10
  • Description: The stout wood planks bound together by a metal rim and studs was better than nothing, but its weight made it clumsy to use and it tended to splinter under the impact of strong blows.
  • Available: Chapter 1

Small ShieldEdit

  • Protection: 9%; Hardness: 20
  • Description: Shields like this one were small, lightweight, and standard issue among Imperial foot soldiers. While the soldiers liked their utility, the Imperial Army liked their low cost.
  • Available: Chapter 1

Banded ShieldEdit

  • Protection: 19% Hardness: 18
  • Description: The studded metal rim on this shield provided an anchor for tight metal bands bolted across its face, reinforcing the shield for greater protection and durability.
  • Available: Chapter 3

Grrrlf ShieldEdit

  • Protection: 13%; Hardness: 25
  • Description: If the Grrrlf were finding limited acceptance among humans, their incredible woodwork was another story. Originaly created as ceremonial gear (the Grrrlf themselves abhorred violence), the spectacular detailing and relative imperviousness of their hardwood shields made them eagerly sought wihtin the Empire.
  • Available: Ravenne in Chapter 4

Tortoise ShieldEdit

  • Protection: 25%; Hardness: 20
  • Description: With its patchwork of polished carlith scales, this shield resembled nothing so much as a giant tortoise shel. While such a shell provided its host with a haven from danger, the many angled surfaces of this shield helped deflect incoming strikes away from the bearer.
  • Available: Chapter 4 and onward; bead chest near Elona, locked chest near Burlen, shop at Camille.

Tower ShieldEdit

  • Protection: 35%; Hardness: 30
  • Description: Knights carried such shields, often emblazoned with the crest of the House they served. Its length covered much of a fighter's body, protecting a greater area than smaller shields could.
  • Available: Chapter 6 and onward; shop at Torlith, shop at Keth.

Vanguard ShieldEdit

  • Protection: 54%; Hardness: 20
  • Description: The shield tugged against [character]'s hand, eager to defend him/her from unseen threats. A relic frm the First Wave of magic, the process for making such shields was lost during the Anti-Magic Uprisings.
  • Trivia: There is only one Vanguard Shield in the game; it can be fished out of the river east of Breland in Chapter 8. However, non-interactable shields resembling Vanguard Shields can be seen on the walls of several establishments.
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