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The ruins of Sethanon in Midkemia.

Sethanon is a ruined Midkemian town in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


Once the site of a minor Barony, Sethanon, never well defended, was destroyed fairly recently in the infamous Battle of Sethanon. According to Kellyn, local residents described a rift in the heavens, an explosion, and "fearsome flying beasts," along with the army of moredhel who besieged the town. After the battle, King Lyam helped the people to evacuate it, and decreed that the town's ruins be left abandoned as a memorial to those who fought and died there.


Starting at its crossroads, the road north to Sethanon, dusty but somehow sinister, is guarded by several groups of up to five evil spirits at once. With each step forward, the party senses "something evil" ahead and is frequently attacked until reaching the town.


As much a fixture in the myths and legends of Midkemia as the stories of the gods told by priests in the Temples, Sethanon was nothing more now than a sad old ghost town. In passing a low brick wall which had been overgrown with ivy, [the party] were struck by the words that had been painted there in sheep's blood: REMEMBER US.


A gap into the undergrounds in the rubble of the city's ancestral keep is filled with thousands of moredhel bones. The party, shaken, decide not to dig through the moldering bodies, no matter what might be underneath.


A cache at the lower left of the city view contains:

  • One +7 and two +14 packs of Rations (Spoiled)
  • +12 Rope
  • +8 Shovel
  • +3 Torch
  • Scrolls bearing Dragon's Breath, Dannon's Delusions, and Grief of 1,000 Nights


  • The siege and destruction of Sethanon are recounted in A Darkness at Sethanon.
  • Naddur Ban Dok says the fury of the last battle between dwarves and Kingdom soldiers "[made] the battle for Sethanon look like a day at the fair."
  • A tavern in the Dimwood, the Fife and Laurel, has been closed since the destruction of Sethanon.

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