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Sister Senena in the Temple at Isten.

Sister Senena is a priestess of Senaedrin in Betrayal in Antara. She first appears in Chapter 4.


Sister Senena lives at the Temple of Senaedrin in Isten. During the year before the game, she corresponded with the husband of a deceased Sister who had intended to escort his young daughter to be raised in the house of his mother-in-law. She had expected him to arrive during the month when the game starts.

In Chapter 4, the party can find the man's body on the road to Isten, and deliver his packet of letters and the news of his death to Senena. In sorrow over the tragedy, tripled because the daughter had died of the Feeblepox very recently, she gives the party a Ruby for bringing the news.

Later in the chapter, the party can return with the news of a difficult childbirth ongoing in Everton. Senena dispatches healers to help, and the birth goes successfully, with mother and child in recovery the next time the party sees them.


  • Sister Senena is one of only two Sisters of Senaedrin with whom the party interacts during the game, but her sprite appears in other Temples of Senaedrin.