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Scott Gratisi in Aspreza.

Scott Gratisi is a joyman and a friend of Aren Cordelaine in Betrayal in Antara. He first appears in Chapter 1, and can be found in a different inn or tavern in every chapter where Aren is a playable character.

Description and Personality[]

Scott Gratisi is a veteran traveler and entertainer with a tendency to ramble and play on language, as well as a vivid edetic memory for words and gestures. He is notorious for frequenting taverns and inns all over the Empire, as well as for habitual womanizing, though his reputation may be self-embellished.

He has four TrKaa feathers in his hat, a sign of success at entertaining TrKaa in the past; his most recent feather was given to him by a courier in return for the story of the Malachite Cat.

He is on good terms with Liam, the innkeeper at Henne's Shadow in Ticoro. He loves Ravenne lambcakes.


Scott is a frequent patron of the Spitting Lion in Briala, and has often entertained Aren with adventurous stories of kingdoms, mages, and life outside the small town. According to Lonzo, a Brialan farmer, Scott had been in town a few days before the party first passes through, but he hadn't visited the Spitting Lion in several months.

In Chapter 1, the party encounters Scott in Aspreza. Aren introduces him to William Escobar. Upon hearing that Aren is a latent mage, Scott teaches him the words and gestures to some magic he saw a mage teach a new apprentice in Midova, which provides a Create boost. He also gives Aren a set of Notes containing magic spells, saying that the story of how he obtained them is one for another day. Reading the Notes gives Aren +5 in Detect.

In Chapter 3, Scott convinces the innkeeper to give the party two rooms at the Henne's Shadow in Ticoro, despite the city's increased tourist population during the Spring Festival.

In Chapter 4, Scott is in Ravenne, enjoying Ravenne lambcakes.

In Chapter 6, Scott is in Ligano. He unhelpfully suggests that William and Aren travel abroad to escape accusations of kidnapping the Imperial Consort, mentioning that Linaga is nice at this time of year.


  • A malachite cat figures in a twenty-year-old case of murder in Melay, but Aren shows no recognition of the incident upon reaching Melay despite referring to Scott's Malachite Cat tale as an old chestnut.