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Rowe is a farmer who appears south of Questor's View on the way to Sarth. He has a farm behind the Yellow Mule mountain near the Temple of Sung. Since his wife died he has been acting weird, and is troubled for having to give up his farm.

He warns travelers about the coming tempest predicted by the monks of Sarth. He invites Locklear to his barn; in return he asks 5 sovereigns, and looking after his cows. As he and his wife dislike Elves, Locklear bargained that the elf stays with them, and they will pay 7 sovereigns, and have a breakfast. Instead he asked 10 gold and they should milk the cows.

If Locklear refuses, Rowe appears again lowering the price to 7 and "not milking the cows". If denied again, Rowe doesn't appear any more.

Speaking later to Br. Marc it turns out that Rowe lied about a tempest and having a wife. Later it is revealed that he has been used by Nago to ambush Gorath in his barn.