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Romney, known as the City of Guilds, is a city in the Kingdom of the Isles. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


Romney is situated on a landmass surrounded by the river Romney, which gives the city its name. It is nearest to the King's highway stretching up the eastward part of the Kingdom, and can be reached only by crossing its bridge, the Ursine Ford.

Its cobblestone streets are a knotted labyrinth of closes and wynds, often leading nowhere or into blind alleys and disreputable-looking taverns. The dark main street, the Murky Mile, seems inviting.


Not so much a town as a meeting place, Romney is a bustling hub of hawkers calling their wares. In every direction, carts, colorful tents and even more colorful characters fill the landscape. Travelers passing through often get caught up in the general carnival atmosphere that pervades the place. Ten years ago, some old Nighthawks, on the run after their organization was broken up, took refuge there as well.

Romney is fairly independent and isolated, and local news carries more local weight than the making of Kingdom history in Rillanon. A recent local uprising and potential guild war began when the Guild of the Romney, a splinter group of the Riverpullers, annexed guild business in Silden and the Riverpullers responded by raising their own fees in Romney. In the resulting wave of protest between labor and craft guilds, the Riverpullers blockaded both the River Romney and the north bank of the Ursine Ford. Over the next several months, they took charge of the other labor guilds and surrounded the city, while the crafters tried to fight their way out.




Chapter 1-2[]

Eventually, the crafters received a boost when the King's men arrived from Bas-Tyra to support them. Duke Romney, upset with the situation but desiring to end it through negotiation rather than battle, attempted to arrive at a consensus from the crafters but was balked by the reluctance of the leader of the influential Ironmonger's Guild to come to the negotiating table.

Chapter 3[]

As tensions grow, prices for shipped goods rise dramatically along the King's highway outside Romney. Mitchel Waylander and others close the bridge to prevent outside troublemakers from entering the city, allowing only travelers who can be vouched for by one of the craft guilds. The party is asked to produce a Glazer's Guild Seal to prove their bona fides.