Betrayal Wiki

Riddle chests are moredhel inventions, very sturdy boxes banded with iron that are impossible to lockpdiick or break. A plate had incised a clue in moredhel runes. Sliders with runes form the wordlock which is an answer to the clue, and the magic locks are released.

Western map[]

North of Yabon, beyond the rigged hut.
In all the world, none can compare, To this tiny weaver, his deadly cloth So silky and fair. SPIDER
Standard Kingdom Armor, 46 royals, 4 Picklocks, Shell
West of Tyr-Sog, south of the farmer's hut
Silently he stalks me, Running as I run, Creeping as I creep. Dressed in black, He disappears at night, Only to return with the sun. SHADOW
Torch, Restoratives, a note from the Six, a scroll with Eyes of Ishap spell.
Beside the road, north of LaMut (near the place the game starts)
Prince Arutha, from his lofty perch, Will find our troops without a search. His men will fall, his castle too, And then what will Prince Arutha do? DIE
Standard Kingdom Armor and Broadsword.
Between the Temple of Killian and Joseph the Animal's
When it comes in, From sea to shore, Twenty paces you'll see, No less, no more. FOG
Broadsword, 118r, 6 Lockpicks
East of Hawk's Hollow
Axes and swords, Will not help you through. Yet it and a little push will do. Some in the road would have fought and soon died, Were it not closer at hand, to let them inside. KEY
40s and a scroll of the Five; it writes about dissidents near Inclindel. Moredhel not bearing a hand tattoo must be executed to prevent contact with Krondor.
North of Orno's house, SE of Loriel.
You will invite him into your house, Yet you know him not. Once you get to know him, This thing he will no longer be. STRANGER
Standard Kingdom Armor, Broadsword, Whetstone, some royals

Mac Mordain Cadal[]

The room with the Rogues.
Two legs it has, And this will confound: Only at rest, Do they touch the ground. BARROW
Ring of Prandur, Rope, Dalatail Milk, 166r
The locked room in the south.
Round as an apple, Deep as a cup, All the Bitter Sea, Can't fill it up. SIEVE
2 Broadswords, Shell, Lorgan's Journal
Room adjacent to the one above.
Although my cow is dead, I continue to beat her. What a racket she makes. DRUM
Weedwalkers, some royals.

South road[]

Right south of the pass, NW of the Temple of Silban
Up and down they go, but never move... STAIRS
Shell, Standard Armor, Light Crossbow, Moredhel Lamprey, 15 Poisoned Quarrels, Note by Narab (move troops to Tanneurs anticipating Gorath)
Between Zun and Chanty's hut
The light one breaks but never falls. His brother falls but never breaks. DAY NIGHT
57r, Flamecast, Torch
Behind Rygate and Supply there are 3 chests
A precious gift, this, Yet it has no end or beginning, And in the middle, nothing. RING
28r, 2 Shells
Be you ever so quick, With vision keen, By your eyes, We are never seen. Unless, perchance, It should come to pass, You see our reflection, In a looking glass. EYES
Light Crossbow, Picklocks, Torch
Though easy to spot, when allowed to plume, It is hard to see, When held in a room. SMOKE
2 Shells, Broadsword
Between Sarth and Questor's View, at the end of a path
Buckets, barrels, baskets, cans; What must you fill with empty hands? GLOVES
Blessed Broadsword, Shell, Lockpicks, Spell Scroll (Skin of the Dragon)
East of Sarth behind a hill and a trap there are 3 chests
The chill of its death, You may soon mourn. But though it dies, It cannot be born. FIRE
40 Sovereigns, 2 Light Crossbows
You see it about in field and town, It cannot get up, But will oft fall down. RAIN
Standard Armor, Amulet of the Upright Man, Shell, 32 sovereigns
Swollag, the famous moredhel craftsman, guarantees his work until the end of time. HANGMAN
21 sovereigns, 76 royals, Broadsword.
Between Tanneurs and Krondor
They feel no pain, No sorrow, no greed. They have no anger, No hatred, nor heed. THE DEAD
Standard Armor, Light Crossbow, Torch
Just south of the previous one, behind a hill.
It flies without wings, Strikes without beak, teeth, or talons. It has no eyes in its pointed head, but it can kill birds in flight. ARROW
Standard Armor, Broadsword, Light crossbow, 40 sovereigns.

Sarthian mines[]

SE room
Two brothers wanted to race a course, To see which had the slowest horse. Since neither wanted to spur his mare, What must they do to make it fair? TRADE MARES
Sword of Kinnur, Grey Tower Plate, Light Crossbow
Room north to the above
A box beneath a tree, Inside some tasty meat. Kept for a month or more, It still tastes just as sweet. WALNUT
Shell, Lewton's Concentrate (4)

South-east map[]

SE of Covey's house there are two chests.
Moredhel brothers, make it rain. Kingdom rivers, crimson paint. BLOO
67 royals, light crossbow string, Thoughts Like Clouds
The strongest chains will not bind it, ditch and rampart will not slow it down. A thousand soldiers cannot beat it, it can knock down tress with a single push. WIND
17 gold, Shell, Torch, Light Crossbow
2 chests NE of Darkmoor
You can spin, wheel and twist. But it can turn without moving. MILK (perhaps intended to be "MILL")
Aventurine, Elven Armor, Peasant's Key
It can pierce the best armor, Andmake swords crumble with a rub. Yet for all its power, It can't harm a club. RUST
Light Crossbow, Peasant's Key, Restoratives, Herbal Pack, Fadamor's Formula
West from the Temple of Lims-Kragma
North of Malac's Cross MAGIC DEATH TEMPLE BLESS REST. At last you may solve this. CHEST
Shovel, Torch, Flame Root Oil
It asks no question, but demands many answers. Don't knock it until you are ready to see what waits on the other side. KNOCKER
Standard Armor, Guildis Thorn, Torch, Herbal Pack
We love it more than life. We fear it more than death. The wealthy want for it. The poor have it in plenty. NOTHING
3 chests behind a trap NE of Lyton
Power enough to smash ships and crush roofs. Yet it still must fear the sun. ICE
Ring of Prandur, Ruby, Light Crossbow, Sovereigns
With sharp edged wit, And pointed poise, It can settle disputes, Without a noise. SWORD
Blessed Standard Armor, Broadsword, 61 royals
An untiring servant it is, carrying loads across muddy eart. But one thing that cannot be forced, is a return to the place of its birth. RIVER
Broadsword, Shell, Guilder's Passkey, Picklocks
3 chests north of Silden
Today he is there to trip youup, And he will torture you tomorrow. YEt he is also there to ease the pain, When you are lost in grief and sorrow. ALCOHOL
Peasant's Key, Dragon Stone
Death to our Enemies! no Living adversary shall Escape the new King of these isles. He will lead us to glory And provide New lands for our people! DELEKHAN
57 sovereigns, 4 Lockpicks.
He got it in the woods and brought it home in his hand because he couldn't find it. The more he looked for it the more he felt it. When he finally found it he threw it away. THORN
45 sovereigns, Peasant's key, Virtue Key, letter about paying Isunatus
East to the Rapid Rooks Inn, with a locked chest
Who works when he plays, and plays when he works? BARD
Standard Armor, Shell, Truesight Tea
Claws like a cat, Crooked as a snake's hiss. Patch together your guesses, You won't guess this. BRIARS
44 gold, Peasant's Key, Guilder's Passkey, 5 Picklocks
Behind the mysterious dreamlike house west of Romney and The Nameless Hideaway
They go up white, but come down yellow and white. EGGS
Blessed Rapier, 100 Sovereigns, Scroll with The Fetters of Rime.

East map[]

Two chests near the Prank's Stone graveyard
The language of men, can be mastered. But what Kingdom word is always pronounced wrong? WRONG
Light Crossbow, Elven Quarrels (20), Peasant's Key, Restoratives (2)
Names give power. Magic to control. But what is broken, by naming it? SILENCE
57 Sovereigns, Dragon Stone (4)
Two chests at the SE corner of the Cavall Keep valley
Brought to the table. Cut and served. Never eaten. CARDS
Grey Tower Plate, Broadsword, Shell, Clerical Cloth
Widows and orphans. Parents and kin. This is disturbed most by riots and war. PEACE
Standard Armor, 2 Light Crossbows, Tsurani Quarrels.
Three chests at the NW corner of the valley, behind a tap.
Has tonge, But cannot talk. Runs, But cannot walk. WAGON
Moredhel Lamprey, 3 shells, Picklocks (6)
It can move over water, But cannot fly. It can move under water, But stay quite dry. SHADOW
Standard Armor, Crossbow, Dalatail Milk (2), 48 sovereigns
We don't need wine, we don't need meat. We have sharp teeth, But cannot eat. SAWS
Light Crossbow, Dragon Stone (3), 35 gold, 101 royals, [Shovel]]
Chest east of Cavall Keep, next to an unlocked one.
It goes past gates, but asks no one's leave. It runs clear around castles, without taking a step. WALL
Broadsword, Coltari Poison, Light Bow String, Light Crossbow
3 chests in the valley SE of Kenting Rush
What goes with a wagon that doesn't benefit the wagon, but the wagon cannot move without? NOISE
53 gold, emerald, ruby, shell, Clerical Oilcloth (3)
Passed form father to son, And shared between brothers. Its importance is unquestioned, Though it is used more by others. NAME
18 gold, 45 royals, Clerical Oilcloth (3), Dragon Stone (4)
Never resting, never still. Moving silently, hill to hill. It does not walk, run or trot, All is cool where it is not. SUNSHINE
Ring of Prandur, Dragon Stone (3), Fadamor's Formula (3), Redweed Brew (4)
2 chests on a NE corner of the valley near Kenting Rush
The one who made it, didn't want it. The one who bought it, didn't need it. The one who used it, never saw it. COFFIN
Broadsword, Light Crossbow, 61r, 46s
What has a mare, That the cow has not? COLTS
Grey Tower Plate, Ruby, Light Crossbow (31 and 92), Blessed Broadsword
A chest east of Kenting Rush
It stands while others sit. It groans when it is too full. Ithas four legs, but cannot run. TABLE
Medium Crossbow, 7 sovereigns, Thoughts Like Clouds, Rubies (78%) , Dalatail Milk (4)

Waterfall Cave[]

In the second niche of the N-S corridor
You tie these things, Before you go. And untie them, After you stop. SHOES
Medium Crossbow, 121 royals, Rubies (26%)
In the second hall
A shimmering field that reaches far. Yet it has no tracks, And is crossed without paths. OCEAN
Tsurani Light Crossbow, Rubies, Peasant's Key, Restoratives (2)
In a northern hall
This wondrous thing, though not an herb, can help comfort the weak and the dying. It can even be used to rally the troops, or make one start laughing or crying. MUSIC
Blessed Moredhel Lamprey, Killian's Root Oil (3)
Two chests in a western hall opposite to the unpickable lock
Ten troll's strength, Ten troll's length, One troll can pick it up, No troll can stand it up. ROPE
Abbot's Journal
This sparkling globe can float on water, and weighs not more than a feather. Yet despite its weight ten giants could never pick it up. BUBBLE
Tsurani Light Crossbow, 158 royals, Moredhel Brooch (48%), Torch [7]
Chest in central hall
Whoever has it is angry, Whoever loses it is angrier, Whoever wins it has it no more. DISPUTE
Sarigsbane (4), Truesight Tea (3), 41+25 sovereigns

Northern map[]

3 chests SW of Northwarden, near a trap
It doesn't live within a house, Nor does it live without. Most will use it when they come in, And again when they go out. DOOR
2 Rations (14)
This side of a wolfhound has the most hair. OUTSIDE
Rations (7) (14), Rope (10), Restoratives (8)
She has tasteful friends And tasteless enemies. Tears are often shed on her behalf, Yet never has she broken a heart. ONION
Rations (7) (14) (14)
3 chests behind a hill, on the southern way to Dimwood
Kingdom soldiers will look like it, When the headsman gives them a lop. For then, like it, they'll have a neck, But not a head on top. BOTTLE
Heavy Bowstring, Fadamor's Formula (3), Steelfire, Two-Handed Broadsword (53%)
What is the thing with fingers long, That grips our deadly swords so strong? GAUNTLET
Elven Armor (40%), Goblin Sticker (33%), Light Crossbow (94%), Shell (97%)
Six legs, two heads, two hands, one long nose. Yet he uses only four legs wherever he goes. HORSEMAN
Elven Armor (88%), Light Crossbow (68%), Restoratives (3), Shell (89)
3 chests behind a hill SW of Marchus's hut
Every creature in the world has seen it. But to their dying day they'll never see the same one again. YESTERDAY
Goblin Sticker (75%), Powder Bag (5% and 12%), Emeralds (96%)
You can see it in winter, never in summer. Even though it is as light as a feather, the mightiest moredhel in the North can't hold it for long. BREATH
Standard Armors (38% and 37%), Broadsword (76%), Two-Handed Broadsword (71%)
Like dogs shouting at the moon, Or armor worn by the trees. Like a sharply spoken command, Or a tiny vessel upon the seas. BARK
Blessed Standard Armor, Broadsword, 44 royals
3 chests in a SE corner, between the Temple of Dala and Eldpoint
Black when bought. Red when used. Grey when thrown away. COALS
Keshian Tapir (84%), Amulet of the Upright Man, Guilder's Passkey
It is too much for one. Two it is meant for. But it no longer exists, When the two become more. SECRET
Light Crossbow (78%), 2 Tsurani Light Crossbows (90% and 74%), Light Bowstring
It never was before. It is not now. Fools wait for it forever. FUTURE
Moredhel Lamprey (61%), Light Crossbow (75%), Medium Crossbow (73%)


Chest behind a hill near the northern exit, guarded by scorpions.
What goes down to the cellar with four legs, but comes back with eight? MOUSER
Elven Armor (63%), Silverthorn Anti-Venom (1), Moredhel Lamprey (93%), Silverthorn (2) 177 sovereigns
4 chests to the NW area
Has a tongue, but never talks. Has no legs, But sometimes walks. SHOE
Glory Hand, Shell (93%), Silverthorn (4)
Bloodless and boneless it travels about, Yet it never leaves home. SNAIL
Elven Armor (89%), Flame Root Oil (3), Medium Crossbow (59%)
You seek it out, When your hunger's ripe. It sits on four legs, And smokes a pipe. STOVE
Medium Crossbow (78%), 20 sovereigns, Shell (79%), Nighfingers
You hear it speak, For it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, For it has not a lung. BELL
Standard Kingdom Armor (88%), Moredhel Lamprey (94%), Rubies (62%), 58s, 88r,

Chests south of a hut, northern part of the forest.
He stands beside the road in a purple cap and tattered green cloak. Those who touch him, curse him. THISTLE
Elven Armor (56%), 230 sovereigns, Black Nimbus, Herbal Pack (2), Moredhel Lamprey (63%), Silverthorn Anti-Venom (1), Tsurani Heavy Crossbow (93%), Restoratives (2)
When they are caught, They are thrown away. When they escape, You itch all day. FLEAS
Tsurani Light Crossbow (79%), Shell (76%), Emeralds (88%)
You must keep this thing. Its loss will affect your brothers, For once yours is lost, It will so on be lost by others. TEMPER
51 Sovereigns, Light Crossbow, Elven Armor
You see me oft, in woods and town. With my roots above, I must grow down. ICICLE
Elven Armor, Light Crossbow, 47 gold