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Rhuargh was a dragon who once lived in the Mac Mordain Cadal in Betrayal at Krondor. The game takes place ten years after his death.


According to Naddur Ban Dok, Rhuargh was a dragon who lived in the Mac Mordain Cadal for centuries, but passed away nearly ten years before. The dwarven king, Dolgan, had said Tomas was present when Rhuargh passed on, though Naddur scarcely believes it.

Ruargh was known to the Kobolds who inhabit the mines. Believing that the dwarves had somehow caused his disappearance, the Kobolds decided to bribe King Dolgan into releasing it, and asked the party to bring them a suit of Grey Tower Plate armor for this purpose.

Rhuargh's room[]

The chamber where Rhuargh used to live is described as a grand room buried deep within the Mac Mordain Cadal. Due to damage caused by the Brak Nurr, the chamber and its reported wordlock-chests full of treasure cannot be accessed early in the game.


  • Lorgan's Journal mentions Rhuargh's chamber, but does not specify who Rhuargh is. After reading it, the party can ask Naddur about Ruargh.