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Queg is a kingdom in Midkemia in Betrayal at Krondor. Never visited in the game, it is best known for its exports, its vast naval fleet, Quegian fever, and Quegian Pirates.

Quegian Brandy[]

Fermented in the vineyards of the Dauphiness of Queg, the brandy was lacking the bitterness of some of the vintages grown in the Kingdom.


  • Devon had served at Queg. He served Dauphiness Cassandra of Queg.
  • Taverngoers in the Northlands tend to believe that Delekhan should hire Keshians instead of Quegians to improve the standard of the drinks stocked there.
  • In Chapter 5, the party explains their presence in Raglam's Hobble, a Northlands tavern, by claiming to be mercenaries from Queg. A moredhel there had heard Segersen was killed in a Quegian battle near Palanque.

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