Orphaned at a young age, Pug was raised in the kitchens of Crydee in the Western Empire. Apprenticed to Kulgan the magician, he showed little magical promise initially. Pug was captured and enslaved by the Tsurani during the Riftwar. Seeing vast potential in the boy, the Great Ones of the Tsurani Empire began to train him in the magic of the Greater Path. When Pug returned to Midkemia, he helped bring an end to the Riftwar with the help of Macros the Black. He was also adopted into the royal family and awarded the land to begin his Academy of Magic at Stardock. His irresistible friendliness belies the fact that he is the unchallenged master of magic in Midkemia. Pug is the father of two, an adopted daughter Gamina who possesses telepathic powers, and William, his natural son.

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