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Prank's Stone is a village in the Kingdom of the Isles in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


The village lies on eastward border of the Kingdom, along the road north of Romney and south of Kenting Rush. The stone which gives the village its name is located at the end of a path east of the road. A graveyard lies north of town.


  • Roots and Herbs, trading mainly in Potions and Enhancers
  • The Flying Sow, offering Rations, Ale, Barding, Gambling, and some... unique... encounters
  • House of an inventor: He claims to have constructed a metal machine with a wooden crank and a funnel on the top, that converts Rubies to Emeralds and plans to find the formula for Diamonds; , and offers the party a chance to test it for free. The device works, but only produces 1% Diamonds, making the endeavor a financial loss unless they start with a very low-value Ruby.
  • House of an actor: As he is rehearsing for The Flying Sow, shouts are heard from his door, of a man about to kill a woman. Hearing this, Gorath breaks the door and draws his swordonly to see the actor with a wig. Gorath pays him 25 sovereigns as a compensation for the door.
  • House of a balding man who rents houses, 30 sovereigns a month.
  • Prank's Stone: Owyn Beleforte notes that the slab of rock has an unsettling energy. If the party touches it, it "pranks" them with a loud crashing sound and causes some of their Inventory items to disappear.


  • A balding man offers to rent the party a house, and then describes some of his other local tenants: one a self-proclaimed actor, the other a "no-good dragon lover" whom he plans to evict for "cheating me out of my money."
  • Hearing an altercation in which an angry voice evokes the Goddess of Death, the party breaks into a house to rescue whoever is threatened, but finds only the aforementioned actor preparing for tonight's play at The Flying Sow. Chagrined, the party gives him 25g "or whatever we have left" to pay for the door they broke.


  • Lincoln Albervant: "He lies here too." (Shade)
  • Damon Boyersmith: "He didn't want to go." (Shade)
  • Kyle Bruning: "Always our loving son." (a body)
  • Nat Delars: "May the Goddess of Death be gentle." (a body)
  • Leighton Dink: "No longer can he hate his name." (a body)
  • Jenny Gray: "Oh, to feel her sweet kiss." (a body)
  • Marty Hippler: "Beloved by all." (a body)
  • Corey Perlance: "Lost his life fighting a fire." (Fire Arrows [13])
  • Sher Perlance: "She loved to dance." (a body)
  • Jason Verchew: "He sung off key." (Virtue Key)