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The potato-toss rhyme is a series of verses set to a children's game played in Ravenne.


Children toss a potato around a circle. With each toss, a rhyme is sung, then the children take a step backwards. This continues until someone drops the potato.


A coin for the beggar
A jewel for the thief
A sword for the soldier
A robe for the priest

A pen for the poet
A ring for the Jaeger
A snare for the trapper
A pan for the baker

A forge for the blacksmith
A glass for the barman
A bow for the hunter
A plow for the farmhand

A shop for the merchant
A ship for the sailor
A bribe for the Shiran
A pin for the tailor

A coach for the noble
A drink for the joyman
A post for the Consul
A game to begin again.


  • Aren Cordelaine used to play this game when he was a child.
  • The third verse contains the answer to a trivia chest in Ticor's western forest, as well as to a question asked by Mage Chilblain in Cardone.