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Pianda is a province in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. The province is visited in Chapters 1, 2, and 6.


The Piandan peninsula comprises the southeast of Antara, including the towns of Briala, Aspreza, Balmestri, Sortiga, Ligano, Imazi, and Aliero, and the cities of Midova and Panizo. Notable cave systems include the Aspreza Caves, Kyree Colony, the Aliero Mines, and Brunia's Mine.

The peninsula is bordered on the north and west by mountain ranges, and on the east and south by the sea. Januli and Ghan are the closest Antaran provinces to the north of Pianda, while Ticor, accessible by bridge as well as by a mountain pass north of Panizo, lies to the west.


Nathan Escobar is the provincial governor, ruling from his estate in Panizo. The governorship of Pianda has been held by House Escobar for generations, almost since the founding of the Empire.

Midova is the province's center of commerce.


Temple of Kor[]

  • Location: just south of Aspreza.
  • Services: Blessing.

Temple of Henne[]

  • Location: a gully east of Ligano (unless the game's save-file error has not been fixed).
  • Services: Traveler's Blessing.

Demographics and Wildlife[]

Piandan communities are largely human. Piandans have a recognizable accent, remarked on by citizens of other provinces. Due to the presence of Kyree Colony, there is a significant Montari population in that area; drought-stricken Montari searching for food are frequently encountered on the roads between Sortiga and Aspreza, Panizo, and Ligano.

Wildlife which may be encountered by travelers in roadways, fields, or caverns include Carliths, Masliths, and Field Worms.


  • A glitch in the game makes the Temple of Henne east of Ligano impossible to reach except by editing the save files, a workaround recommended for players in 2012. Without doing so, the field leading to Brunia's Mine cannot be entered. After visiting the Temple, the save files can be reverted and the game continued normally.
  • The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, finding minerals such as silica in Sortiga and mica in Midova.