Petrov is the man who secretly serves as a proxy for Fellich Marr, though this not revealed until the end of the story. Before the beginning of the story, Petrov separately approaches Selana Sheffield and Calvert Bryce, knowing that their personal agendas meshed well with his own mission. Selana has the connections (and the desperation) needed to kidnap the Imperial Consort while Bryce has the potential means to assassinate the Emperor under the noses of the Shadows, the Emperor's ever-vigilant court magicians. The plan involves kidnapping the Consort so that a wraith may be placed inside his body. Once the Consort was close to the Emperor, the wraith would attack and steal the Emperor's soul. With the Consort and the Emperor dead, Princess Aurora (as the new ruler) would be vulnerable to the manipulations of Petrov's master. The deed went awry when Princess Aurora's soul is stolen instead of the Emperor's. Fellich then orders Petrov to kill Selana and Bryce before they confess their deeds to anyone. Petrov is killed by Lord Cameron Sheffield as he attempts to murder Selana.

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