Before the days of Pug’s Academy of Magicians at Stardock, Patrus was kept busy with the buzzing questions of his young apprentices. Now, he finds himself without students, a fact that bothers him more than he cares to admit. Too proud to seek a scholar’s position at the Academy, he spends much of his time locked in the towers of Northwarden studying books he has borrowed from Sarth. From time to time he is called upon to work some minor magic or another, but few tasks truly challenge his abilities.

Although Patrus seems addle-brained at times, he is numbered among the most capable magicians in Midkemia. Wrinkled as yesterday’s laundry, his face is greatly expressive. Although he is balding, the sides of his head still foster white wisps of hair and his pointed chin is covered by a haze of beard. He walks with a slight hunch, is still fairly spry for his age and has no problem keeping up with his younger companions.

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