Interactive map of Panizo. The Escobar Estate occupies the top left. Yellow roof: Scribner's Alcove. Red roof: Bandera's Gift Inn. Flat roof: The Anvil.


Overhead map of Panizo.

Panizo is the capital of the Antaran province of Pianda in Betrayal in Antara. It is the home of William Escobar and the objective of the game's first chapter. It can be visited in Chapters 1, 2, and 6.

Description and GeographyEdit

The capital of Pianda still clung to its countryside charms. Amidst the low buildings and open spaces smiling people strolled about their business in no particular hurry.

A map city, Panizo is northwest of Sortiga and south of the mountain pass into the province of Ticor. The road leads northward from Panizo to Ligano and Midova.



Pizzi, a server at Bandera's Gift.

Inn: Bandera's GiftEdit

  • Description: Named for a popular joyman's tale, the inn known for its good cheer and better ale was a favorite haunt of William's.
  • Amenities: Bread, Meat Pies, Wine, Gambling; rooms are available for 9 burlas a night.
  • Dalliance: in Chapters 1 and 2, Pizzi is at the inn.

Shop: The Scribner's AlcoveEdit

  • Description: The most respected stationer in the province.
  • Sells: Cadman's Memoir; Acute Senses and Perception; Carlith Mating Rituals.
  • Buys: all Books, Scrolls, and Notes.

Shop: The AnvilEdit

  • Description: The building had no sign, but the ringing peals of metal on metal proclaimed it a smithy more surely than any slab of wood might.
  • Sells: Chain Mail, Leather Jerkin, Leather Armor, Small Shield, Wooden Shield, Hardening Fluid, Oil, Armorer's Hammer.
  • Buys: Armor, Shields.

The Escobar EstateEdit


Lord Nathan Escobar at table.

The home of William's family for generations and seat of gubernatorial authority.

Spanning the top of the city map, the estate houses the provincial governor, Lord Nathan Escobar, and his family: a wife, at least three sons, and at least two unnamed daughters. Clicking on the estate for the first time ends Chapter 1.

House staff includes Jensen, a housemaster who seems to have an affection for the Escobar family, and Liselle, a servitor. A politician, Chancellor Garak, is within call. The house has a full stable, though most of the horses have been sick recently.

After the intro to Chapter 2, the party cannot visit the estate again.


  • This is the first place where Oil can be purchased in the game.
  • If Panizo is visited in Chapter 6, a glitch causes the game to crash if the player tries to visit The Anvil.
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