Owyn is the son of a minor noble in the Eastern Kingdom but has been spared most of the treacherous politicking that occurs in other courts. Although he displayed some ability at magic while he was young, his father insisted on yoking him to the responsibility of the court. He has two older brothers Neville and Robert.

An extremely thin young man whose innocent blue eyes belie his age, Owyn’s magic is a force to be reckoned with. In many ways, he resembles the man he idolizes, Pug the Magician.

His aunt lives in Yabon. One time he avoided a wedding party there and he avoids the town to spare the explanation.

On his way to Tiburn for some urgent business, he encountered Locklear and Gorath, who were being pursued by moredhel assassins. He tended Locklear's wounds who then forced him to join them as his squire to aid them in their journey to Krondor, his magical skills proving invaluable in many battles.


"If you EVER put us through that again, I will invent a cantrip whose sole purpose is to cause you to fall desperately in love with a warthog -- may the two of you live happily ever after!" --Owyn to Gorath, Chapter 4

Owyn starts the game with Candle Glow, Scent of Sarig, Despair Thy Eyes, Gift of Sung, and Invitation.

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