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An extremely thin young man whose innocent blue eyes belie his age, Owyn’s magic is a force to be reckoned with. In many ways, he resembles the man he idolizes, Pug the Magician. He is far craftier than onlookers imagine, noticing patterns and details invisible to most.


Owyn is the third son of the Count of Tiburn, a minor noble in the Eastern Kingdom, though he was spared most of the treacherous politicking that occurs in other courts. He has two older brothers, Neville and Robert, and grew up with more freedom than they had due to his lower importance as a third son. He is familiar of the lands around Prank's Stone and Cavall Keep as his uncle has estates there.

His aunt lives in Yabon; Owyn once avoided a wedding party there and now steers clear of the town to avoid explaining this social misstep.

His father brought tutors to educate him in their manor, including Patrus. His dream had always been to study magic; he displayed some ability in that area as a youth, and did everything he could to spend time with potential masters who could teach him. At fourteen, he spent the summer needling the household staff about his father's accounts and discovered a way to redirect some of the family wealth to himself, using it to vacation in Ran and hire a tutor for seven months. When this ruse was discovered, his father recalled him home and ordered his staff to never discuss finances with him again. Believing that there could be no steady living in the study of magic, the Count was disappointed in his flighty son and insisted on yoking him to the responsibility of the court, planning to arrange a marriage for him with the daughter of the Duke of Euper to settle him down.

Chapter 1[]

On his way to Tiburn for some urgent business, Owyn encountered Locklear and Gorath, who were being pursued by moredhel assassins. He tended Locklear's wounds, but accidentally became a threat to their journey upon realizing that Gorath was a moredhel rather than an elf. To prevent Owyn from being questioned, Locklear forced him to join the party as his squire. Owyn's growing magical skills would prove invaluable in many ways as the three unlikely companions traveled toward Krondor.

Chapter 2[]

Owyn is not with the party as the chapter starts, but rejoins them when they reach the exit from the the Sewers. With his knowledge of Gorath's journey south no longer a concern after their safe arrival at Krondor, he had been dismissed from service as Locklear's squire, but explored the city instead of leaving for home, "got bored," and tried to pay Gorath an unexpected visit in his cell at the Palace. Night had fallen, and the cell guards had been doubled and forbade entry, but Owyn had heard someone snoring inside and knew from the journey that Gorath does not snore. Finding Locklear missing as well, despite a tray of food having been delivered to his door, he had returned to the Sewers, learned from Limm that James and Gorath had been there earlier, and realized that Prince Arutha meant to slip Gorath out of Krondor in secret. After that, it was just a matter of waiting near the Sewers' exit, where they were sure to pass by.

After explaining his clever deductions, Owyn insisted on joining James and Gorath for the next leg of their quest, joking that he might accidentally reveal their journey if left behind and offering useful knowledge of the eastern part of the Kingdom. James reluctantly accepted, setting three rules for the journey, and Owyn accompanied the party out of Krondor.


"If you EVER put us through that again, I will invent a cantrip whose sole purpose is to cause you to fall desperately in love with a warthog -- may the two of you live happily ever after!" --Owyn to Gorath, Chapter 4

Owyn starts the game with Candle Glow, Scent of Sarig, Despair Thy Eyes, Gift of Sung, and Invitation.