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The Northlands are lands of the moredhel in Betrayal at Krondor. Located to the north of the Kingdom of the Isles, the Northlands are first visited in Chapter 4.


The seat of power and northernmost outpost in the Northlands is Sar-Sargoth. Other Northlands cities include Armengar, Harlech, Caern, and Wyke. The Teeth of the World separate the Northlands from the Kingdom of the Isles.

Three routes lead out of the Northlands: south from Armengar through the Inclendel to Tyr-Sog, south through the Teeth from Wyke to Highcastle, and east through Raglam to Northwarden.

Lillian can be found just southeast of Sar-Sargoth, while Nalar's Rib lies directly south of the city. Cullich's home is in the fields northwest of Wycke. The naphtha mines are northeast of Armengar, and can be found by following the river south and crossing a bridge.


A book in The Vaults at Sarth relates that the most lethal Silverthorn is that harvested at the shores of Moraelin, the Black Lake, and hypothesizes that the nutrients in the soil there are the cause of its deadliness.


  • Taverngoers in the Northlands tend to believe that Delekhan should hire Keshians instead of Quegians to improve the standard of the drinks stocked there.