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Nivek is the Lord minister of Finances of the Western Realm and a loyal subject of Arutha. He has a considerably long nose. Locklear calls him and "old rascal" who always has news from the grapevine. He handles thousands of sovereigns a day but doesnt have many for his own use.


He had befriended Locklear and James during their scamblings about in Krondor's streets, and taught them the workings of the Kingdom's finances (for example, for every cow in Midkemia they get a golden sovereign a year alone just for their manure).

Chapter 1[]

He can be found in the Rainbow Parrot Inn in Krondor. He says that he went to see Nia at the Six Toe near Sethanon.

Chapter 2[]

He meets James and asks to be bought some drinks. HJe says about Max Feeber, near Sethanon that has filed 3 claims on land in the past year, although he is of common birth without title. He was trying to buy up some porperty left in Sethanon a few years back from Jared Lycrow but he wouldnt sell to no one so Max dug with a shovel at the graveyard near Sethanon in order to scare Jared, but instead found a lot of money in a hole