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Lord Nathan Escobar, hereditary governor of Pianda.

As governor of Pianda, Lord Escobar is accustomed to obedience from his family.

Lord Nathan Escobar is the father of William Escobar and a prominent politician in Betrayal at Antara. He appears in the epilogue to Chapter 1 and the intro to Chapter 2.


Lord Escobar is the hereditary governor of the Antaran province of Pianda. He has a wife, at least two daughters, and at least two sons, Matthew and William. An older son succumbed to the Feeblepox; William, saved by his sisters' nursing, was unusually lucky.

The family lives in the Escobar Estate in Panizo, the capital of Pianda, a vast estate with a full staff and stable.


Lord Escobar is a forceful, dominating person, unwilling to hear other points of view. He dispatches his sons on political errands without allowing them any input. He is more interested in the benefits of an alliance with House Sheffield than he is in the news that his son's intended bride seemed to privately resent him.

He is angered at anything that troubles his province, planning to send soldiers to put down the starving Montari resorting to robbery because of the drought.

House Escobar[]