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"Gorath, lwychan choi nekkad sedu Delekhan! Baka'al eledhel!"
―Nago to Gorath in moredhel language

Nago is the most powerful magician of the moredhel and assistant to Delekhan. He served him before the coming of the Six.

He and other 3 moredhel ambushed Locklear, Gorath and Owyn. First they spread false information that the easternmost road to Krondor was ambushed, and had farmer Rowe invite them to his barn along the western road. His presence and the telepathic messages to him were sensed by the priests of Sung in the nearby temple.

On his body there are 40 sovereigns, a Kingdom Standard Armor, a Two-Handed Broadsword, an Althafain's Icer and a letter from Fedrayh.