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Naddur Ban Dok is a dwarf of the Mac Mordain Cadal. He is met by Locklear and his party soon after they enter the mine. He tells them about the gnomes stirring up the Brak Nurrs, and the one that haunts the mine since last week.

If Locklear has talked to Dubal An Loch, he said he doesn't have the time to work for repairing armors or swords, but since he is asked, he offers to teach sword sharpening for 50 sovereigns.

When the party enters again, he says that the way to Elvandar is closed and will remain so for the next month.

When the Brak Nurr is defeated, he appears and rewards the party with 150s.

After reading Lorgan's Journal, he can be asked about Rhuargh's room. He says that perhaps they can explore it together later when they return.


Brak Nurr
Armor Repair
Rhuargh's room