Gorath, lwychan choi nekkad sedu Delekhan! Baka'al eledhel!Nago to Gorath in moredhel language


The Moredhel or dark elves or Dark Brothers are a race in Midkemia.


The dark elves have been attacking castles on and off as far back as anyone can remember. And goblins… well, they’re goblins.Master Magician Pug

Distant relations to the Elves, the Moredhel have darker skin, hair and eyes and tend to be much more violent than their Elven counterparts. Having been close to the Valheru in ancient times, they are warriors by nature and relish combat. Ordinary warrior dress usually consists of furred robes of bear or deerskin. Moredhel typically wear brown trousers with open vests and knee length boots.

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