Misha in Beluckre.

Misha is an easy-girl working in Beluckre in Betrayal in Antara. She appears in Chapter 8.


Misha is impeccably made up and has dark wavy hair and a silver pendant. One of several women who work as easy-girls in the town brothel, she was described by Gregor as "a sweet girl trying to earn her loaf of bread in a hard world." According to Poul, first mate of the Fair Current, she was the original inspiration for the well-known "girl from Beluckre" limerick.

She was fond of Gregor, her only client who called her by her own name during intimacy, and misses him now that he's gone. When pressed for information about Gregor, she asks what's in it for her, since even bringing the killer to justice won't bring him back. Times have been good, and though as a professional she declines to give information for nothing, she prefers a favor instead of monetary compensation, asking the party to provide her with a jar of Sencream (the only thing that helps with the chafing).

When the party returns from Marlon's Mercantile with a jar of Sencream, Misha tells them where Gregor usd to stay while in Januli. She adds that he sent her his key with a poetic note, saying it was the key to his heart and that she should hold it close to hers. It's the last thing she has left of him, other than a pair of long underwear he kept in the establishment for cold nights, and asks to have it back when the party is done with it; they promise to do their best.

Upon departure, Kaelyn Usher tells her to take care of herself, since in her line of work no one else will.


  • Though the party promises to return Gregor's Key to Misha if they can, the game does not provide an opportunity to do so.
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