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A fragment of the Mirror in the Museum of Antiquities.

The Mirror of Smoke and Dreams was an artifact created in ancient Ramar.


The Mirror of Smoke and Dreams was created during the Age of Mages and the arts used to make it have been lost to time. Research by the Museum of Antiquities in Ravenne, where a shard of the Mirror is kept, describes it as six feet high by four feet wide, made of smoky crystal and set in an oval frame.

The Mirror had an affinity for users of magical energy, though it appeared dark and dim to mundane humans. A mage using it could mentally contact another mage anywhere in the world, and, with some expenditure of power, could send items through the Mirror to the person contacted.

Garvin Usher's overconfident, youthful attempt to master a shard of the Mirror led to the death of his wife.